Wednesday, May 28, 2008

watching the pens

So I've never really followed hockey at all. That's not going to change right now. Just ate a veggie burger and broccoli and lovely the kraft mac'n'cheese. I do not know what it is that cheese sauce packet actually contains but it is loved and lovely and wrong-colored. The Penguins might take it on Crosby's shoulders. Detroit's got a mean bunch of redbeards. Seriously. Almost every player on their team has a red beard--was this intentional--only to draft the untrustworthy? In high school there was a science teacher who had a red beard, a Mr. Durkin. He taught us about weather, what the proximity of meteorological lines on a map meant for change. We were told by a history teacher, a Mr. Kudrich, to never trust a man with a red beard. I always wondered if this had to do with the weather.

Well in the time of my speculation the Pens have made a slight return in the Stanley Cup. My money says they'll lose in 6. (By saying this, I'm hoping they win in 7.) I could continue to write about things that are current and happening, but my life is contained in boxes and edged by cleaning products. I'll leave off with another picture:

If anyone was wondering, while recovering from my wine after the Ubaldo festivities I saw what could only be described as a UFO--or as three symmetrical stars that were moving in a set pattern and then they dissapeared suddenly from the sky. There was another witness.

No one believes us.


The Guy said...

1) I believe you.

2) I get my meaning behind the Running of the Saints. And I'll go to prison for what I believe.

3) Kraft Mac'n'cheese contains animal enzymes, emulsifiers, food coloring.

Be good man.

Anonymous said...


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