Thursday, May 15, 2008

The fuzz bat/hatted

So I'm trying to gather my things into some semblance of order. The leaning tower of boxes inhabits a hallway that will no longer carry my footcreaks a few weeks from now. It's a ghosting. And good to clear the walls and doorways. What is the best way to forget things?

How the past can be dismembered easy or at least left alone a while. I've got a linking and a fence to walk. A planking, but the new water's better than the rickety boat that I had boarded. It's a gambol. No softened bones here, no. The woodchuck's skull (or what I gather is this) carries less and less teeth, the elk vertebrae spills its gathered moss.

I put pictures into boxes. And glasses. And music.


Kristi Maxwell said...

to the loose tooth that door becomes on its last shuttings. i'm excited to hear about the soon-adventures.

The Guy said...

Needed to comment on that one.