Friday, October 23, 2009

newer music and mail arrivals

so in the past weeks i've picked up a few albums and intend to spend some more time trying to find other new music to spend my money on in the not too distant future. my eye still has an occasional twitch to it and today in the mail i received ana's book--stars of the night commute, which i'm very excited to get into once we're done killing the killers of in cold blood in school. aside from having to wear a tie everyday, the school's seeming like a good fit. it's still a hustle but things are falling together in the NOVA. here's to staying home on friday night and getting some shit done. and here's to you...
can you guess what that is?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bait and Swatch

Here a cloth, there a clock:
watch your hedging, place your bets.

which half, which have?

tomorrow we're headed to a rally.

anything could turn into
something else--a metaphor, a clamp for mouths.
and the moths are quietly pulled to, bullied.

we'll not shut up. will not sure, shut.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dam road clamber

sort the hard stones from the storefront
soft water marks
a little tap tap on the vowel's head
you sleep when the skirts go blowing
maybe melt the face right off
how a name gets
tough after cooking for too long
the battle is
the bottle isn't
made yet, a boat for inside
a miniature set of feelings for the dolls to wake up with.

here. test your cornfield out for rows.
simple the rut, the rut, the rut followed.

Delayed announcement: New Book Available from FGP

Hello all of you beautiful and supple people. Circus by Michael Robins is in post production and can be ordered by mailing money or by using the paypal button at:

There is also another book in pre-production: All the Little Red Girls, by Angela Veronica Wong.