Monday, May 12, 2008

Riverwear and motion

What there is to do, is doing. And next is move. Next is moving and not movies. There are beeps loud and they come from the hallway. It has ceased to rain. It has ceased to rain. For some reason my messaging no longer responds. It has signed me away.

This weekend was spent back in the keystone state. My knees do not forgive me yet for it, but with a friend I raced in a canoe for a number of miles down the mighty Lackawanna. We wound up taking a couple sets of rapids backwards and without a full capsize. Water was up this year, thankfully. Water was cold as well (as water is many times wont to be). At the end of the race we numbly waited for times to be posted.

In two weeks is the race of the saints. My lady has not been witness to this spectacle. I'm sure many people in the world have also not been witness to this spectacle, either. I hope to refrain from jumping into any shrubs, though it gets to be very tempting later in the day when the sun has begun its rest and the hose company number 2 picnic has begun in earnest.

Soon there will be more photos and a new abode. Soon there will be boxes full of books and stones. And now I get to finishing up my teacherly duties. Adieu.

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