Wednesday, January 17, 2007

movement, glacial

sewing the gaps and plus. absolve continuous dramamine consumption. to do: listed like the curb and channel. here a guide, there an animal in people's clothes, and over there a little plastic phone to talk to. please refer to the future installment language on the back of this statement where the names of the lost are gathering. a mouthful of water, the body in training. there an aboslute conviction, here a crumpled newspaper. both printed under scrutiny, itself.

assign the topic and terms of your agreement. rough cut. cheeks ballooning and air that evacuates, a sound like water. to talk and talk with needles, a cut of fabric. the garden plants need tending. here a formica countertop, there a wispy t-shirt. the people gather their undergarments to hang and cry. the future is speaking accrual, a body of water in training. over there a little plastic bottle to sign away with motion.

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