Thursday, January 4, 2007

Playing with the babelfish

So this babelfish site is kind of fun and I threw a bundle of words into it and translated them through a couple of languages and back into English and this is basically what it came back to me as, though a little reshaped:

licked by the dog of family
Or laudanum. A sockful of the simple buttons. The care filled. What is lost in the collection. Tell me the wishes that you kept under your breath while the candles disappeared rotten. Your dissected name of the face of the cake and given around the room. Was it to descend your face in glazing, to be tasted and candy on each part. To want for inversions. You knew this at the edge of three bus you clean were licked by the dog of family. It is there in the images. With me that took longer. I never had a dog.
To the list which is repaired with card people:
friends always wish that we worry enough
We pay attention. As the whole of cork on the teeth of forks certifies. Cats and foreign cities that a dismembered Christmas tree placed under the legs. We will send the next year to them

if it can the conjecture that of nobody
about an else
and a cigarette does not think differently, smoke
to pay attention and smile
since you wrinkle

I am close, you steer clearly. You said it, each time,
if here compassionate is not you
like what you see, that, like, what you hear.
All the clap shut closet doors and dirty laundry on the floor. Since I am
there in the city, I smell finely for now. All to applaud it
doors of box
of wall closed and dirty laundry on the floor.

What it means to be amused with a head full of snot the color of alien blood. So this is how you begin to share...

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