Thursday, January 18, 2007

moss and fountain soda

The high lines of the train rumble overhead and water is coming on like it were fauceted, but the weather forecast says rolling stones gather at the bottom of a hill where everything they touched also gathers.

On the television two men beat on each other until they're bloody and afterwards a man cracks jokes about the day's events. The mail came and in it another name to be assumed, a girl's name that sounds familiar. Cigarettes are snuggled in their packs and sold. There are too many people here and they don't notice each other. A bottle of Coke costs two dollars. Only some of this is the matter.

The floor needs attention. Needy floor, sticky in spots. Watch out for this, and step carefully around puddles.

Step around carefully. Puddles. Isn't that a dog's name?

The joke goes like this: nobody gets it.

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