Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another month, new homing decided

devices plant into the corner for record and the light--say legs do this moronic motion of up-down-up and we grow thick in the thigh, almost herculean in this expanded body.

Ok, so what's really going on is that I'm not in training to become a long distance bicyclist, though I wish I were so this middling expansion would contract. But we did find a new place to reside and we're waiting to hear back on the application. Tomorrow and crossing fingers. No job yet, but that'll settle itself when it does and I'll rest with it.

I'd show pictures but don't want to risk too much showy talk and have it disappear. I want to spend some time on a small boat trying to catch fish. And then building them little houses inside my gut. The news said no striped bass for children and only 4 servings of large bluegill per human adult per year. What did we do without the news?

Here's looking up from the bottom of a bottle: or not--the picture won't load...

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