Wednesday, May 6, 2009

maying and the good winter

so a lot. sewn.
sew a lotto, and your winning numbers are...

a lot's been happening. interviewing and reading and grading and other -ings that will have to remain unnamed here. but here's an observation: bon iver in concert (given the proper sound system) is something to behold. the harmonies and hushed quality that drives the album turned live comes out a much different beast--full of bore. full of chilling. the dark was the night show was a good thing to see and then shannon and i were 2 blocks from where that stunt driver ran over an extra for the nick cage movie, deciding whether or not to wait to see the filming happen. we had to walk a few blocks extra to get to the train and were standing at the 49th street station about 10 minutes before the accident happened.

david byrne and feist duetting was interesting and his drum troop made good noise. my brightest diamond only played one song but it was worthy of her name.

the next day i took photos of silverware in a diner while waiting for a letter to be written. here's one of them:

now it's waiting to see if the people that asked the questions liked the way i talked after the questions stopped.

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