Friday, May 1, 2009

1st of May

And the rules have changed. No more 5-7 minute limits and probably many fewer posts as the preparation for life in a different city takes hold. Time limits on life are becoming more apparent. How much stuff we accumulate.

The rules were, attention to sound and limit the entry to a five minute typing spree. Limit editing to spelling and to be done as moving along. Line length and breaks to be determined by weather and mood and lighting. No reconsideration as time would not really allow for it. Added minutes for photo attachments as blogspot takes its time when doing this.

This weekend there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all. One of the benefits/detractors of location. That and feeling guilty about not doing all of the things that wind up on a possibility list. I'm going to be full of nerves in preparation for an upcoming interview--probably pestering people too much about this and thanking them in advance for all their help. And headed to an interesting (or what I hope will be this) show on Sunday night with one Ms. Davies. And then post Tuesday we begin the search for housing in earnest and start the packing--or late into the following month this happens and visitors and family and Ubaldo. And reading of manuscripts--today, tomorrow is today.

This is already too long and too boring. Have to think of another way to make this turn into a catalogue. A book of days that flaps. A bird of calendar pages.


Kristi Maxwell said...

where have you two decided then? are you moving before Italy? exciting: newness!

tmancus said...

no place settled yet, but an interview today and hope for places in june...yip!