Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pre-turkeying a true event: what's been done to prepare you to be thankful?

ready to be large mammal this later week.

I will wear pants that stretch. I will drink lots of water. I will swear the sleeping that happens is necessary and deserved.

Pretty soon this blog will contain a list of things that I want to get recorded.

1. the post-wedding chaos of this past weekend composed with sketches and arrows and a brief synopsis outlining the course of events.
2. composite of the emotional response caused by listening to Jim James sing "goin' to alcapulco" while a dead girl in a coffin gets displayed in front of the town of Riddle, Missouri--her throat cut by her own hand.
3. a manner of dividing time in a fruitful manner--to best utilize it and not feel sluggish and disoriented.
4. the sound of one person waking in the morning and looking at another person who is still next to the original waking person and asleep.

There are many people that I'm lucky to know. Seriously. Thanking them. If you're one, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

post wedding chaos - went to a wedding where the cops were called in for a domestic problem - foreshadowing of the bride and groom's relationship. good times.