Sunday, April 10, 2011


in the compartment to back through the neighing a sumpthin, the packs were savory. here's a voice, here's an apartment with old carpets climb through the highway to get back sorting into a weekswalk. think of the mansions in newport and what someone pressed so hard against an iron fence the snapbacked chairs are making a comeback and all worry can be traced to momentary lapses of motion and congruity. i mean it's easy to dance like your suit is an animal you're trying to save from the formal dissection that often happens at parties. but the corporeal is just another space. and the other people are being surrounded as we speak, this foal cannot make legs look more or less clumsy. two solid poles dance at the edges of this planet i am pulling the legs of the table back and forth and you are mentoring the deckwalkers in gull charts. the grip we have. the suitable clobbering that happens to clothes after. i will attend the lighthouse against its better suitors and defend maturity from my non-slip footwear. Here's a cookie and ranking system. Here's the list of all those things we thought we wouldn't see. in the store window a pair of plastic swans. at the table, strangers.

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