Friday, November 5, 2010

The settle November

tom waits sings gravel about this month and i want to eat everything, including the 26 grams of fat contained in a newly minted mcriblet. but refrain.

steven karl's chapbook is up at InDigest (which if you search for improperly, you get this) as one of their favorites from 2010 and i'm very happy to see this! seriously, and i've said this on the book of faces, if you've not seen him read and can, do. he's stellar both on and off the page. not to discount any of the other people we've published at fgp, by any stretch of the imagination, but he's bringing it when he reads.

i've got to get back to posting photos, which means i've got to start taking them again, which means i'm not paying attention to things as much as i used to with my eyes.

on another note: some words.
here's to making lists and scratching things off their faces.

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