Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bring that beat back

Today is the cold. And a few days ago a friend had a dream that I died.
Today I thought maybe that's already happened. And things are good.
Today is the cold. And tomorrow is the day when no one gets fired.
Today I thought maybe hats are ready vapid. Anhinga for roods.

Tomorrow I will walk to the station with my back planter
and you will get up on top of a balloon somehow with the cameras
all pointing down and away from this spectacle. The news
will shine like new candy wrappers and no one will get caught

in a storm. Today is the cold. In north of here it beats people
into their homes more and here it does that, too. The dogs are leading
their owners. Their owners are carrying bags in their hands--
some for the trash, some to bring home. The dogs are home anywhere

so long as there's food. Tomorrow everyone will wake up hungry.
Tomorrow for dogs on loan from the schools. And the Today show.
Today is the cold.

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