Thursday, January 8, 2009

New year, same windows and doors

I wrote a poem about being in Atlanta, kind of. I can't yet tell what it is. Have been playing Wii and recovering from eating my way around the south. Pizza the size of small children. My camera's gone wonky. It won't zoom past 1.7 and the limited warranty is limited enough that it ran out and screeched down the street better than a month ago. I'll have to get very close to things I want to take pictures of in the future. Penn State was disappointing and then Ohio State was as well. The whole of the Big Ten.

[picture of a picture in a box]

That's what investment in futility breeds. So on to Pitt's newest number one ranking and fitness and trying to write daily and plans for future classes and other things that happen beyond today. The window here is covered and steamy. Heat pours over my left side and distorts the little humidity gauge on the windowsill. It says we are in the comfort zone.

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