Tuesday, December 16, 2008

know who you are/talk to

placed into a bag, the light decided:
happens are for loose knit cloth, clotted art
the fangtoothed. keep it beneath simple
and the newspirit, printed. a major
chord for the celebration rang out, the ladder
continued its step upping. we are minors
with the -er replaced in our lungs, a trade out.
and the river that runs through town
hides its water beneath a cold hard face.
a sky ripples the same and we're beneath
all of this even. numbers and copypaper.
ready for endings, the source of local news
had its glowing head turned off. the ball
that drops is little and full with bulbs.
people looking up into their hearts. are hats.
hours. 'r'-s, ours. fangled.

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