Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Archbald circa 1892

This is the town. And what wonderful things wikipedia can provide. Olyphant, another town just "down the line" from Archbald has a legend attached to it, according to wikipedia and other sources.

A number of years ago a man came into Borders books and music in Dickson City (another town a hair further down this undrawn line) when I worked there and told me all about this legend. He wore a puffy vest and had a bit of a crazed look about him. I'd see him walking along the train tracks from time to time. Even in the worst weather.

Coincidentally, Shannon and I knocked on people's doors throughout Olyphant two weekends ago, talking about politics. We were relatively well received. Only two doors were slammed on us in this small center of the universe.

But this is Archbald, so why am I mentioning any of this? Maybe that's where the secrets reside...

In a box of paper in a garage in Archbald there is a manuscript handwritten by the man mentioned above. It details the mysteries Olyphant may or may not possess: the sphinx like shape of the Lackawanna river as it rounds the edge of town, the positioning of seven churches --Orion in miniature, the pyramid of culm on the border of Throop and lastly eyewitness accounts of UFO activity. All of this somehow tied to the wife of Harry Houdini, who supposedly was raised in the Queen City.

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