Saturday, February 3, 2007

Craigslist's Missed Connections Slightly Reconfigured W4M

You are the first thing on my mind
when I wake, I think about you every day,
Fed Ex Express guy.

Bad timing, looking for love? Please
wait for me in your shirt, I want
to party!!!

Hey handsome, hey mister
ellipses, hey mean fiddler, did you ever
get in to see the show? Did you really
want me? Did I see you smoking
outside our office building
in search of hot teachers? Did I see
my hand catch
your door? Have I been wrong
for 10 years?

I'm not going to answer you this time.
Please come find me.


Lester Shue said...

I think I'm afraid now.

tmancus said...

you should be mr moustache--they're out there for you...