Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The sun does not come round like this, or driveways. This is my mother's house. Tomorrow's her birthday. It's also the day, one year ago, Morgan died. It's hard to consider this and hard not to. I'm lucky to have known him and to have been trusted with his work. I'm lucky to have the mother that I do. May we continue to bask in this light a good while longer.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

school through the elementary

this is
from a manuscript
that michael rerick
and i
worked on for a couple
of years

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

another spark goes

another spark thrown up
into the sky from the scrape
and fire of Pittsburgh.
His steeled eye. The rain as grey
as the sky is. From here to where
all of our loves grow mosslike
and crush us from inside
we will hear your tin rasp
and know even when alone
there is beauty inherited
by things tied tightly
to intent and living
wide open.

RIP Jack Gilbert.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

stranding in the wheezer

or standing in the freezer, which is better?
lots of things have happened in the past.
the people on the teevee are hallucinating
their lives are as thin as the screen. If we put
all the pictures together we still won't
know the thing we're supposed to be looking

in other news i'm very happy that the commercials are for things again and not for people. i'm also hopeful that the fact that we've effectively re-elected the same government means that they'll be forced to do their jobs - otherwise, i think we should maybe consider not doing ours. oh, wait...if we do that...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

this thin wand

gather your frets and build up your reaction to politics and football.

I'd forgotten I had this space and now I've remembered. Not sure that it means anything about being here more, but I'm wanting to resurface things and gather more materials together. So maybe I'll start posing questions. There will be about 9 people who move and come into this at all. There are 3 minutes left in the Pitt/Notre Dame game and because I'm watching Pitt will probably wind up blowing it. I'm going to tack in some pictures here. My wife gave me a neat little fisheye camera when we got married and I've been putting it to use some.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

long sum derangement

or maybe not. it's been a while here and i've been wordless, or working. one and both together maybe. but some commentary now on the roll through of the hurricane. it bore the same name as my grandmother and hit her home town on the day of her birth in the year when she passed. so maybe when we die we become storms and make all the streams reacquaint with their banks and the people that surround them.

i've got no new leads into anything significant. my hands are still at the ends of my arms and i'm enjoying life as a married man, though both my wife and i could spend the fall in a hut of paper piled building-sized. she more than me though, what with the doctoring.

we talked about sounds that we'd like to carry with us last night. and the ticking of rain on a window as a storm starts, the noise of the espresso maker on the stove when it's not like the dentist's suction instrument that makes it hard to talk - let alone the fact that someone you don't know well has their whole hand in your mouth...

Saturday, April 30, 2011


five dollars in the crisper
the gang signs off on the receiver
and all that can be played now
is card games, or lite jams.

adults contemporaneously get up
at night to go to the bathroom
and are depressed by light
and how long it takes to get
the bed back to their perfect form

one body in soot makes a clothespin look kind
another way of outsmarting the fox
is by simply turning
on the weather

all the waterfalls are moaning now
and bad-eyed gladys just stares out the window
she's that chicken from the commercial
going celebrity before pieces of meat.